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Organic Lawn Weed & Feed (25-pound bag)
Easy, One-Step Lawn Care Program
100% organic weed preventer plus fertilizer, LEED© certified

NEW! My Organic Lawn Weed and Feed is a two-in-one product that's all you need. An easy, one-step lawn care program that's 100% organic. It works very well on all types of lawns and grasses. The organic lawn food it contains fertilizes the lawn - fast green up, won't burn. The organic weed preventer it contains is a safe, natural lawn pre-emergent, preventing weed seeds from sprouting. Applied to established lawn, bare ground, or on top of mulch, it inhibits the growth of the weed seed's feeder roots, causing the weed seedling to die before you even see the weed. It's effective against all lawn and garden weeds including dandelions, smooth crabgrass, nutsedge, wild violets, ground ivy, clover, quackgrass, barnyardgrass, curly dock, green foxtail, giant foxtail, creeping bentgrass, shattercane, wooly cupgrass, purslane, annual bluegrass, lamb's-quarters, black nightshade, orchardgrass, black medic, redroot pigweed, velvetleaf, catchweed bedstraw, buckhorn, and all other common lawn and garden weeds. In fact, in addition to being my yearly weed and feed for the lawn, I also use it in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and around trees and shrubs. With it you no longer need to weed any more or mulch any more. Spread it over the entire lawn, including the bare spots in the lawn, to allow the grass to fill in without having to reseed - with it overseeding is unnecessary. Can be applied with all types of lawn spreaders (info. on bag for settings). Safe for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment. The lawn can be walked on immediately following treatment. Use it on the entire lawn and garden each spring or fall to prevent both annual and perennial weeds. Twenty-five-pound bag, covers 1,500 square feet. - $48 on sale for $45 - You save $3!

How many bags do you need? Find the size of your lawn and garden in the list below, then enter the number in the box below and click "Add to Cart."

2,500 square feet = 2
5,000 square feet = 4
7,500 square feet = 5
10,000 square feet = 7
1/4 acre = 8
1/3 acre = 10
15,000 square feet = 10
17,500 square feet = 12
20,000 square feet = 14
1/2 acre = 15
25,000 square feet = 17
27,500 square feet = 19
2/3 acre = 20
30,000 square feet = 20
3/4 acre = 22
35,000 square feet = 24
37,500 square feet = 25
40,000 square feet = 27
42,500 square feet = 29
1 acre = 29
45,000 square feet = 30




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