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Please read the following before submitting a gardening question:

"Where can I buy it?" - If you are looking for a plant or gardening product Pernell has mentioned such as Organic Lawn Weed & Feed, herbicidal soap spray, Compost BioActivator, neem oil, Milky Spore Powder, antidesiccant, animal repellents, diatomaceous earth, Electra fertilizers, or others, you'll find them for sale in Pernell Gerver's
Online Store of Plants and Gardening Products.
Click here to go to the Online Store now.

- OR-

For those of you in western Massachusetts and Connecticut, you can also buy plants or gardening products at Pernell Gerver's "store" - the plant and product sale at Pernell Gerver's Gardening Workshops. Click here to check the schedule.

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If you have a question regarding where to buy a plant or gardening product not listed in Pernell's Online Store, please click here.

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If you have a question regarding Pernell Gerver's Online Store, please click here.

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For all other gardening questions, please click here.


Happy Gardening!

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