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Neem Oil (OMRI certified organic, LEED certified) (24 ounce, ready-to-use spray bottle)
An organic 3-in-1

This is a special, exclusive formulation of neem oil that works - and on everything! You don't even have to know what your problem is - this neem oil probably controls it!

Made from the seeds of the Neem tree that grows in India, this amazing all-natural spray is an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide all in one. It can be used on all plants including roses, perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and house plants. It controls all stages of insects (adult, larvae, and egg). It acts as a growth regulator, antifeedant, repellent, and contact killer of many common and hard-to-control insect pests including Japanese beetles and other beetles (use milky spore to control the grub stage of beetles), whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, Colorado potato beetle, striped cucumber beetle, caterpillars, hemlock woolly adelgid, scale, red lily leaf beetle, fourlined plant bug, asparagus beetle, thrips, weevils or curculios (a type of weevil), sawfly, bean leaf beetle, Mexican bean beetle, flea beetle, spotted grapevine beetle, leafhoppers, leafminers, squash bug, leafrollers, psyllids, midges, fruit flies, lace bugs, and many, many more. It is safe for beneficials. The oil component makes it a very effective natural fungicide for controlling diseases like black spot on roses, rust, early blight on tomatoes, fruit tree diseases, and powdery mildew on phlox, lilacs, and roses, downy mildew, anthracnose, fungal leaf spot, botrytis (gray mold), needle rust, scab, flower, twig, and tip blight, snow mold on lawn, and alternaria. It actually rinses powdery mildew away! You don't have to know what the insect or disease is, since neem oil probably controls it. Hard to find. Special formulation - Exclusive! 24 ounce, ready-to-use spray - $20 each or 3 for $58.80 - You save $1.20!



Or order Neem Oil by the case and save even more. Each case contains 12 24-ounce bottles - $228 per case - You save $12.00 per case!



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