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Electra Bloom Food Replacement (4 lb. bag)
organic, 100% natural, balanced fertilizer, LEED© certified, approved for organic gardening

Please note: Electra, "the world's most honored plant food," handmade since 1934 is no longer being made. The gentleman who made Electra for us recently retired and it's no longer on the market. We are now offering a replacement for Electra. It's not Electra, but it's the next best thing! It is available by the bag or at a case discount (see below)

This organic fertilizer has a very good analysis of 3-5-7 plus minor nutrients for an organic fertilizer. It's a slow-release, bloom-booster fertilizer that can be used outdoors on all flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, and shrubs. Also can be used indoors on house plants. Does not burn - can be spread on the soil or in the planting hole. Makes ANYTHING bloom! I recommend using Electra Plant Food Replacement every 3 weeks, then use Electra Bloom Food Replacement at every other fertilization or when you want to make something bloom or bear. See also Electra Bulb Food Replacement. Four pound bag - $10 each or 3 for $29.40- You save 60¢!

Quantity: (UPS shipping only, except Puerto Rico)

Or order Electra Bloom Food Replacement by the case and save even more. Each case contains 12 4-pound bags - $114 per case - You save $6.00 per case!

Case Quantity: (UPS shipping only, except Puerto Rico)



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